Top Picks

CannoliChocolate dipped Cannoli shell filled with Ricotta cream cheese. Topped with sugared almonds and dusted …$3.00
Chocolate CroissantCroissant dipped in chocolate and filled with Bavarian cream, dusted with powdered sugar.$2.60
Chocolate EclairPate Choux pastry (light airy pastry) filled with a Bavarian Cream & topped dipped with …$3.75
CupcakeVanilla sponge cake dipped in dark or white chocolate. Decorated with sprinkles, buttercream rosette, and …$1.99
Fresh Fruit CroissantCroissant filled with Bavarian cream, strawberries, and peaches. Dusted with powdered sugar.$2.65
Fresh Fruit DanishEnriched laminated sweet pastry topped with Bavarian cream, strawberries, apricot and blueberry.$3.10
Fresh Fruit TartA sweet pastry crust filled with Bavarian cream, topped with strawberries, kiwi, apricot, and blackberry.$3.00
Lemon BarShortbread cookie crust with a baked lemon custard & dusted with powdered sugar.$1.99
Strudel SquareSugar coated puff pastry square, topped with Bavarian cream, freshly cut strawberries, apricot, kiwi, and …$5.05
Tiramisu2 layers of chiffon cake (chiffon cake is a light airy sponge cake) – chocolate …$4.25
Tres Leches CupVanilla cake soaked in three kinds of sweet milk. Topped with Bavarian cream, a dollop …$3.10